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Welcome to Afif

The AFIF is without a doubt the ONLY Agriculture Financing and Insurance Forum in Uganda and the Region. Every year, it welcomes more than 300,000 online and physical farmers, both consumers and professionals. They find 500 exhibitors that come to share their products in Banking, Insurance, and Trade.

Why Afif

A farmers’ hub for Finance and Insurance Services

General challenges and constraints facing the agriculture sector in Uganda

  • Limited access to finance
  • Low mechanization and land fragmentation
  • Pests, vectors, and diseases
  • Low commercial agricultural levels
  • Lack of linkage between research and farmers
  • Low use of fertilizers
  • Low coverage of irrigation
  • Low level of value addition
  • High cost of finance
  • Poor transport network

Reasons why financiers are reluctant to work with the agriculture sector

  • The sector is considered very risky
  • The costs of extending agriculture finance are very high
  • Many farmers lack collateral
  • Financiers can make more money or mileage through other sectors
  • Unclear policies and guidelines


Our Services

Agriculture Financing and Insurance Forum offers a wide range of services to the agriculture sector in Uganda. From grants, loans, insurance to agro-services.